Boring Rails


Building a Rails CI pipeline with GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is an automation platform that you run directly from inside a repository. We can use it as a testing CI/CD pipeline and keep everything close to the code.

Magic Responsive Tables with Stimulus and IntersectionObserver

Responsive HTML data tables are a tricky problem that usually requires scrolling on small screens. With a sprinkle of Stimulus and the IntersectionObserver API, we can build a small enhancement to make the user experience more pleasant.

Hacktoberfest Recap: Open source Ruby/Rails work in 2020

A recap of my Rails-related contributions for the 2020 Hacktoberfest event: ViewComponent, Bullet, LRUG, and Circulate

Building GitHub-style Hovercards with StimulusJS and HTML-over-the-wire

Turbolinks, Stimulus, and Server Rendered HTML is a compelling alternative to modern JavaScript single page apps. Let's build a hovercard to see how you can kick it old school with a more boring approach.

Writing better StimulusJS controllers

Stimulus sprinkles interactive behavior on top of your boring HTML pages. By keeping your controllers small, generic, and composable you can build a front-end without the typical JavaScript mess.

Feature Flags: The stupid simple way to de-stress production releases

Feature flags bridge the gap between the abstract concept of continuous delivery and tactical release of features. Start small with a glorified if-statement before adding more complicated tooling to get the most bang for your buck.

Spring Cleaning: Tidying up your codebase

A practical checklist for tidying up your gems, pruning old git branches, removing unused views and routes, and cleaning up your database. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to cleaning!

Wrangling slow reports, large file exports, and long-running tasks in Rails with Active Job

Sometimes we need to generate really large file exports or run reports that are just slow. It's not enough to optimize a few queries, we need to move the work to a background job and notify the user when it's all done.

Managing Rails schema and data migrations without losing your mind

Rails database migrations are extremely powerful, but can be a mess if we don't avoid the traps. This article outlines a boring way to handle schema and data migrations effectively.

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