Coming: Fall 2019

Boring Rails: Skip the bullshit and ship fast

Learn about the boring tools and practices used by Basecamp, GitHub, and Shopify to keep you as happy and productive as the day you typed rails new

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What's the secret sauce?

  • Majestic Monoliths riding on vanilla Rails

  • Boring Backends with Postgres, Redis, and Sidekiq

  • JavaScript Sprinkles with Turbolinks and Stimulus

  • Avoid CSS Hell with Tailwind

  • The 80/20 Answers for Performance and Scaling

Matt Swanson
About the author

Hi. I'm Matt Swanson.

I've been building web apps for ten years and I'm tired of complex messes. The latest and greatest tools definitely have their place, but so often we could ship much more with much less.

This book is the missing set of sane defaults that I've learned over my career and curated from across the Rails community.

You can find my blog at or talk with me on Twitter.