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Tip: Use Heroku Dataclips to share query and do ad-hoc data exports

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Heroku Dataclips enable you to create SQL queries for your Heroku Postgres databases and share the results with colleagues, third-party tools, and the public. Recipients of a dataclip can view the data in their browser and also download it in JSON and CSV formats.

Heroku Dataclips


If you are hosting your app on Heroku, you might need to run some ad-hoc queries or share a report. Instead of generating an admin page or a CSV report, you can make a Dataclip that attaches to your production database and run raw SQL queries.

The editor has autocomplete features for tables and columns and you can export the data to CSV or JSON.

Super handy for one-off SQL queries or barebones reporting and way better than having to rails c or dig up the raw connection string!

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